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Fabric ducts 


Prihoda’s custom made fabric ducts ensure the transport and distribution of cold, hot or climatized air. They guarantee there is no risk of condensation. Thanks to insulated fabric ducts or channels with air-permeable fabric that creates an insulating layer, condensation cannot happen. The insulation also has a sound-absorbing effect.


Xilio has its own study and calculation service that knows the software developed especially for Prihoda through and through. You receive a perfect, detailed custom offer every time.




The fabric ducts have microperforations. These are varying, customized laser perforations that allow the distribution of the air.




Advantages of Prihoda fabric ducts


  • can be 100% cleaned in the washing machine
  • very quickly mounted/installed
  • the view is graphically adjustable - see Prihoda Art for more info and examples
  • air movement is adaptable according to the needs of the customer
  • the system is delivered ready for installation; no other parts such as insulation or
    sound absorbers are needed
  • lightweight: less than 5% of the weight of a metal version
  • long service life: cannot rust

Where can you place Prihoda fabric ducts?


  • food industry, food production
  • supermarkets and collection points
  • food stores and low temperature zones
  • chemical, textile and electronic industry
  • swimming pools, sports halls and fitness centres
  • kitchens
  • offices, restaurants, cinemas, etc.


You can also use fabric ducts for such temporary installations as tents. Thanks to the light weight of fabric ducts, they are perfect for use on the roof.




Ook voor tijdelijke installaties zoals in tenten kunt u textielkanalen plaatsen.

Door het licht gewicht van de textielkanalen kunnen deze perfect aan het dak geïnstalleerd worden.




Prihoda Repreve


1m² Prihoda recycled fabric saves 13 plastic bottles of ground pollution


  • 4 standard stock colours; other colours on request
  • 100% PCR material (Post-consumer recycled)
  • Fire retardant
  • Optimum rigidity and strength
  • 10-year warranty


Prihoda Repreve fabric ducts look exactly like the original fire-retardant materials. A Unifi's U TRUST verification with fiberprint technology ensures that the REPREVE range is made of 100% recycled material.



Prihoda Art


With Prihoda Art, we can produce textile diffusers and air channels in every Pantone colour, with any pattern, photo, image, logo or inscription no matter how complex. Colours and images do not fade, even if they are washed regularly.

Prihoda Art is an added value for air ducts that is only possible with the textile version. The Prihoda textile paint technology gives products a new aesthetic dimension, making them an interesting feature in any interior.








Swirl diffusers for false ceilings


SquAireTex diffusers are for use in false ceilings and to replace traditional steel swirl diffusers. Depending on the design, SquAireTex air ducts distribute air along a structure in a rotating direction or straight in one or more directions. The air flow is determined by bags that are attached above the opening in the fabric.

Apart from an aluminium frame, they are made entirely of textile, including the plenum box above the ceiling. The air passes through microscopic openings in the textile. These openings are either laser-cut perforations or bags that are welded to the fabric.
The plenum boxes can be made with an insulating layer to prevent condensation and provide sound absorption. This plenum box has a special shape to allow proper air circulation, guaranteeing minimal loss of pressure.

SquAireTex is available in a single colour, selective graphic print or in colour combinations. The classically used fabrics are particularly strong and durable, as well as being highly fire retardant.

The installation of SquAireTex fabric ducts is very simple. The system only needs to be placed in the structure of the false ceiling. Because the system is very light, it does not need to be fixed.








Luminous textile air ducts


LucentAir is a variant of standard fabric ducts where a light source - usually a LED strip (not included) - is attached to an aluminium profile. High-quality lighting is obtained thanks to a combination of the standard fabrics with a special textile that is 80% translucent.







Reinforcing system


The fabric-covered metal spiral is inserted inside the duct; it maintains permanently its cylindrical shape and keeps the fabric stretched. The necessary lead of the spring is provided by longitudinal textile strips. Five-metre long Helix sections are connected to zip fasteners attaching separate sections of the ducting together. The spiral can be easily removed for maintenance purposes; its manufacturing design is suitable for a majority of shaped pieces. The necessary tension of the fabric will be achieved by the tensioners in profile and in blanking.

Technical specifications

Available for Ø250 - Ø1200 mm
Length of sections - 5 m
Additional weight only 0,6 - 1kg/m
Detachable inner reinforcement system (Zipper - Zipper connection)

Key benefits

The same cylindrical shape even without air supply
No extra work during assembly. Super light Helix is part of the product
Easy disassembly for maintenance
Possibility of additional installation

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