Prihoda textile ducts are the most sustainable and cost-efficient application to ensure healthy indoor air in various conditions. Some applications and realisations highlighted.





Food industry


In the food industry, textile ducts ensure extremely hygienic and safe operation. Where temperature fluctuations are to be avoided as much as possible, textile channels ensure a homogeneous and constant temperature.










In shops, a pleasant indoor climate is of great importance. To maximise customers' buying experience, good airflow - ventilation, cooling and/or heating - is essential. Moreover, it is important that the airflow present is not directly perceptible. Textile air ducts guarantee a healthy indoor climate with maximum sound absorption.



School / office


In the office, a pleasant temperature and good ventilation are essential. Textile ducts ensure homogeneous air distribution without blowing directly on the employees. Because textile ducts are custom-made, the microperforations can be precisely positioned. In addition, textile air socks ensure maximum sound absorption, eliminating disturbing noises.









In a showroom, there is often a lot of movement from a wide, diverse audience. Good ventilation is also important there. Textile air ducts ensure good, low-noise ventilation of the room. Due to precise placement of the micro-perforations, there is no directly perceptible airflow.

Textile ducts are available in 9 standard colours, or can be endlessly finished with Prihoda Art.





Prihoda textile ducts also offer a suitable solution for large projects. Homogeneous diffusion remains guaranteed. Moreover, textile air ducts are inexpensive.







Horeca & catering


To meet strict standards and requirements, proper ventilation of a catering establishment is a must. This not only promotes well-being but also ensures healthy indoor air and a pleasant indoor climate. Each textile channel can be designed so that the air flows are perfectly adapted to both the kitchen - i.e. the influence of the cooker hood, oven, etc. - and the room where the customers are seated. In addition, maximum sound absorption guarantees quiet operation of the textile duct. An additional advantage is that the textile ducts can also be customised in the colour of your choice or with Prihoda Art, an imprint of logo, pattern or image. This ensures that the textile duct is both functional and matches the interior.





In a sports hall, correct airflow is very important and especially challenging. The great heights of the ceilings mean that when heating, you have to blow down hard so that the warm air reaches ground level. With our custom-made ducting and various diffusion techniques, we can create airflows correctly and barely noticeable. Certainly important in numerous sports such as badminton.







Temporary setups


In temporary set-ups such as a tent, there is often no proper - or even no - air flow. Prihoda textile ducts are custom-made and can provide a healthy indoor climate - ventilating, cooling and/or heating - in any temporary solution.

The textile ducts are ready for installation upon delivery. Installation is completed in a short time and homogeneous air distribution is achieved. The textile ducts are easy to clean in the washing machine.



Prihoda Art - Textile ducting in color or imprint (logo, pattern, baseline, ...)


With Prihoda Art, every textile duct becomes a unique gem. Adding a logo, print, image or pattern to the channel gives it a unique look, while maintaining quality. Ideal for both eye-catching and unobtrusive placement of the textile channel in the environment.

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