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Prihoda - expert in textielkanalen - bedrukte luchtsokken - Prihoda HVAC
Prihoda - expert in textielkanalen - luchtkanalen in textiel - Prihoda HVAC

Prihoda Art - Prihoda HVAC - jarenlange expertise in textielkanalen



Prihoda Airsocks.

Comfortable and silent cooling, heating or ventilation with textile ducts and diffusers.



As an HVAC expert, you know today's challenge: to optimise the indoor climate and overall well-being through perfectly homogeneous, silent and personalised air distribution. With its textile diffusers, also known as airsocks, Prihoda offers numerous solutions for both the installer and the builder: 100% comfortable, 100% customised, 100% with the best quality-price ratio.

Prihoda airsocks guarantee optimal and draught-free airflows, exactly where you want it! Smart temperature zones ? Even from great heights ? Anything is possible thanks to the customised laser perforations or additional air nozzles. Look up and you will see Prihoda textile ducts in office buildings, sports centres, shops, supermarkets, clean rooms, warehouses, production halls, etc.



Healthy air, for young and old. Every project is unique.


Each project with Prihoda textile ducts is customised and the possibilities are almost endless. Thanks to the many fabrics, shapes, colours and accessories available, our textile air distribution ducts can be installed in almost any space. Inconspicuous or striking, every Prihoda project is unique. The Prihoda fabrics meet the current requirements regarding maintenance, fire resistance, hygiene, durability and aesthetics.



Textile duct in white area

Textile duct in a warehouse

Textile ducts can be washed in a laundry machine


Advantages for the installer


- easy to handle leight-weight fabrics
- supplied ready to assemble
- quick installation
- assistance from study to assembly (total project)

- large flow rates over short distances at low speed
- 20-year warranty


Prihoda textile ducts | Prihoda HVAC Belgium - France


Assets for the building owner:


- cost-effective custom solution
- removable for regular washing
- sound-absorbing polyester fabrics
- up to 10% energy savings on heating
- 50% less flow needed for cooling

- condensation- and draught-free airflows



Your expert, always close by !


Prihoda HVAC has everything it takes to be your constructive and reliable partner. Together with the installer, client and/or study bureau, our experts evaluate the appropriate diffusion technique, the flow profiles, fixing options and specific wishes regarding acoustics and appearance. Based on this, our calculators work with our own Prihoda software to produce a detailed quotation with AutoCad drawings, CFD analysis and technical data.




Curious? We will be glad to help you. Contact us by phone or mail




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